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Radical Candor: From theory to practice with author Kim Scott — Lenny's Podcast: Product | Growth | Career — Overcast

Kim Scott talks about giving effective feedback based on radical candor. This is a subject that she has written a book about.

The Radical Candor model divides feedback into a four by four matrix based on caring personally and challenging directly. Doing both results in radical candor.

Not challenging directly but caring personally leads to ruinous empathy and is the failure mode that Kim sees most often in her line of work.

Challenging without caring is classified as obnoxious aggression. When asked about leaders like Steve Jobs, Kim mentioned that she didn't put him in this category because Steve could be obnoxious but he often did care (even if it was in the manner of an asian parent).

How to tell better stories | Matthew Dicks (Storyworthy) — Lenny's Podcast: Product | Growth | Career — Overcast

Humans live and learn through stories. Matthew Dicks tells stories and teaches people about the art of story telling.

He talks about the "5 second moment" - this is the inflection point of every good story where the protagonist has a realization that changes their outlook of the world. Everything else is buildup.

A tactical takeaway to tell better stories and to remember the days: keeping track of a story from your day, every day. He offers this as an antitode to the "it feels only like yesterday since X was Y".


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