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More user interviews.

Richard Koch — Revisiting the 80/20 Principle, The Power of Optimistic Journaling, Studying History to Improve Investing, and The Grand Beliefs of Winners

Most things in life devolve to 80/20 principle. In many cases more extreme. Examine toxic beliefs and have others help you identify them.

Lessons from working with 600+ YC startups | Gustaf Alströmer (Y Combinator, Airbnb)

Did a partner office hours with Gustaf. Remember it being brutaly honest (I did not have any analytics on my user funnel). One of the best people for product advice.

Speed vs quality: both but quality is adjusted for the stage that you're in.

Simon Coronel, World Champion of Magic — Quitting the Day Job, The Delights of the Magic Castle, Finding Glitches in Reality, Learning How to Use Your Own Brain

Magic trick that is a decade in the making. Should learn some card tricks


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