Energy Audit

Every once in a while, I do an "energy audit" - I go over a past number of weeks and months and parse out what people and activities have given me energy and vice versa.

For 2024 (thus far), my audit is as follows.

Give energy: - do excellent work - be around good people - forward momentum - hard physical exercise - focusing on 1-2 things at a time - commit to big decisions - writing - self growth

Drain Energy: - cookie cutter work - put up with bad people - no forward momentum - being injured - frequent context switching - open loops on big decisions - (over) consumption of media - regression

While certain details change over time (eg. forward momentum at work is now accounts based vs users based), the themes of this list (do excellent work, be around good people, etc) have been consistent for as long as I tracked this (~10 years now).


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