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711: Andrew Rosener — The Path from Scallop Kingpin to Selling 8-Figure Domains, Achieving Financial Freedom, and How to Live a Contrarian Life — The Tim Ferriss Show — Overcast

Andrew Rosener is the king of domain brokerage and has closed over $500 million in domain deals in the last two decades. He talks about his random walk towards the domain business and dives into the nitty gritty of the domain brokerage business.

This interview was the first to make me understand why six to eight figure fitures are paid out regularly for premium domains, especially as tld's themselves seem to be a dime a dozen. Rosener explains a domain's value as its abiltiy to drive organize search and convert and his formula of working backwards to a domain's objective value based on paid search prices of the given industry.

He is also the first person I've heard to invest in a company by lending the company a premium domain for a mixture of cash and equity. The business seems crazy good on paper - if the company succeeds, that's valuable equity. If it fails, there's still a cash component and the ability to clawback the domain name.

703: Sheila Heen — How to Master the Difficult Art of Receiving (and Giving) Feedback — The Tim Ferriss Show — Overcast

Sheila Heen is a new york times best selling author on the art of communication and feedback.

Something she said that has stuck with me - "our relationships are defined by hard conversations". These conversations are not things that happen at the edges - they are at the core of our relationships.

In the long run, we're all Dad | Hacker News

Scott Alexander is a psychologist and one of my favorite people on the internet. He recently became a father to twins and writes about the experience in Scott Alexander fashion.

Parenthood is like fight club - once you're in it, you understand. Some lines that stood out for me:

[newborns are] surprise minimization engines

Parents are supposed to teach their children the skills they need to navigate the world. This already feels somewhat obsolete - where are the Google programmers who were taught Python by their fathers, or the Instagram influencers who learned content creation on their mother’s knee? Soon it will be completely hopeless. Where we’re going there are no roads.

There is a secret known only to parents of twins, medical residents, and Alexey Guzey: the human body does not actually need sleep. After 31 hours awake, you get an integer overflow in God’s database and go back to being well-rested again. Also you gain the ability to see angels.”


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