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Stocketa – An app I designed, built and never launched | Hacker News

How many human hours of labor have gone in to projects that have never seen the light of day? Stocketa did quite well in this regard, actually releasing as a testflight and into the app store. Owner decided to shutdown because they couldn't find reliable data that was affordable and the support burden.

E111: The Highs & Lows of Open Source with Adam Jacob of System Initiative & Chef — Open Source Startup Podcast — Overcast

Adam Jacob is one of my favorite open source founders. Strong opinions eagerly expressed. How do you make money from open source? Build something that peopel want and charge money for it. If you give away the most valuable part of the business, you make your job that much harder.

Just paying Figma because nothing else works | Hacker News

Preface with saying that I love open source and admire the free software foundation and what they stand for. But whether its open source or developer hubris, it has made the idea for paying for software antithetical to the mental model of a typical dev. This hurts indie devs the most as corporate software can sell to enterprises but there is no such option to the typical maintainer for the solo dev.


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