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Guillaume Verdon: Beff Jezos, E/acc Movement, Physics, Computation & AGI — Lex Fridman Podcast

Facinating interview with Beff Jezos (Guillaume Verdon), "leader" of the effective accelerationist (e/acc) movement (not to be confused with effective altruism).

e/acc is a movement that espouses for the rapid advancement of technology, especially AI. They see themselves as a counter to the "decels" - those with the opinion that technology is too dangerous and must be limited and curtailed.

Verdon first started the Beff Jezos persona as an pseudo-anonymous account on X as a means to explore different thoughts and opinions. I'm drawn to the notion of pseudonimity. Speech shapes thought. Restricting speech also restricts thought. There's far too much conformity in both speech and thought. What if there were alternative identities you can take on to explore new ideas and not be judged for them for the rest of your life?


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