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Selling an AMI and a CloudFormation template as an alternative to SaaS

Been a fan of the Wittig brother's work for a long time. Their blog posts are great and genuinly useful. They've also been able to build out both an AWS consulting practice as well as selling servies to the enterprise.

This post goes over an alternative to "on prem" and "saas" - the pattern of AMI + Cloudformation. I refer to this as "cloud prem" software - selling software that will run as a service inside of the customer's cloud. Instead of relying on a new vendor, you get to rely on your existing cloud provider to manage the services. On the other hand, you get full control and visibility of the services that are launched.

When done right, this can get you the best of both worlds - the convenience of SaaS with the control and cost benefits of running something in house.

Storytelling with Nancy Duarte: How to craft compelling presentations and tell a story that sticks

I grow more and more convinced that more than technology, story telling is the more fundamental force that drives the world. A shared story creates nations, builds companies, and shapes movements. Before an invention comes a story.


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