Save 90% on Datadog Egress

If you use Datadog with AWS, here is a simple change you can do to save 90% of your egress fees immediately.

AWS Private Link is a service that lets you send data between two private networks without ever exposing data to the internet. Private links are region specific - datadog has private link endpoints in the us-east-1 and ap-northeast-1 region. This corresponds to datadog regions us1 and ap1.

Egress on EC2 is normally $0.09/gb on AWS. With private link, this becomes $0.01/gb!

To put this in perspective, ten terabyte of egress would normally cost you $900 from AWS (plus another $1000 of ingress in datadog). With private link, you will be charged $90 from AWS (your ingress in datadog will still be the same)


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