Purple Cow

Author: Seth Godin


Seth Godin talks about what it takes to do marketing today. He compares the golden days of television where all one had to do to market is to pay for a television slot and eke their brand into public awareness. This playbook no longer works because there is too much choice.

Instead of brute force advertising, marketing today is about building a "remarkable product" (aka purple cow) that sneezers (early adopter influencers) can't help but be excited about and infect their friends with. The entire last quarter of the book is dedicated to examples of real world purple cows and includes everything from a restaurant hiring a clown to perform over the weekend to the bloomberg terminal.

There is a point in this book. That point is that products need to be remarkable to the point of being a purple cow so that people can't help but remark upon it. That this is what is required to stand out today.

It could have been a tweet. Maybe a thread. It did not need to be a book.



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