Daily Journal

Had some time to work on my digital notes today.

Objectives in increasing levels of nicheness: - have permanent ids for urls - enable pretty permanent urls - enable automatic 301 redirects on pretty permanent urls

This is now shipped and you can see the results on this page.

The url for this page is https://notes.kevinslin.com/pages/journal-public-f4d5p74j0tgemp4tmdx114c - Only the last - delimited component gets parsed to determine the note to fetch (f4d5p74j0tgemp4tmdx114c in this case) - The url itself is a slug made by joining the {topic}-{filename}-{id}

If I end up renaming the file (eg. s/public/somethingelse/g), the url woudl change to https://notes.kevinslin.com/pages/journal-somethingelse-f4d5p74j0tgemp4tmdx114c. The link will still work as the id portion is constant. The same would happen if I change the topic.

The most interesting part is the treatment of redirects. Any url that doesn't match a valid existing {topic}-{filename}-{id} path gets a 301 redirect to a valid note url based on the id. The 301 is important as it tells google to transfer any page rank from the previous note into the newly redirected path.


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